This is a time instead of a place i know some of you who are megaman fans could knopw this date it's the date where "Megaman 9" took place.



Megaman 9
Kingdom Hearts - Universe 3
Splash Woman's Stage
Battle theme
Wily Machine

Story (1st Visit)

In 20XX robot's go crazy and Dr. Wily blames Dr. Light snece it's his robot creations. Megaman Tries to save Dr. Light from Jail but finds out about the Heartless. To take down the nine robot masters sora must help megaman. Sence he feels as if that the gate can be found if he helps. They go after They all find Tornado Man, Concrete Man, Magma Man. Splash Woman, and Galaxy man. Once all defeated Dr. Light gives megaman the Rush Jet. Rush ends up to be the gateway (go figure) sora wants to stay to help megaman but mega says that he has handled this before. so he leaves trusting megaman. (I know it was a rather short story but think about it 5 bosses and 5 stages to go through. i think this would be enough

Story (2nd Visit)



  • Megaman
  • Protoman
  • Dr. Light
  • Dr. Wily
  • Roll
  • Auto
  • Beat
  • Eddie
  • Rush
  • Splash Woman
  • Concrete Man
  • Jewel Man
  • Tornadoe Man
  • Magma Man
  • Galaxy Man
  • Hornet Man
  • Plug Man
  • Fake Man

Bosses (Themes)

  • Splah Woman, Concrete Man, and Magma Man - Rowdy Rumble
  • Tornadoe Man and Galaxy Man - Vim and Vigor
  • Hornet Man, Plug Man, Jewel Man, & Fake man - Shrouding Dark Cloud
  • Dr. Wily - The Encounter

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