Adam Dark

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Introduced in:
Darkness and Light Chapter ?? (Mentioned)

18 Spiritually:

Roughly 55 Years Old
Traverse Town (Birth Place)

Destiny Islands (Adopted Home/Assignment)

World That Never Was (Family Ancestoral Home)

"Event Horizon" (Phycological Homeland)
Hair Colour:
Red/Brown (Teens) Brown/Black (Adult)
Eye Colour:
Blue (while aligned with the Light) Silver-Blue (with Darkness Corruption)
Soran Dark (Blaid and Adam's Father)

??????? Dark (Blaid and Adam's Mother)

Sermina Dark (Blaid and Adam's Elder Sister)

??????? Dark (Adam's Uncle)

Tormack Dark (Blaid and Adam's Cousin)

Blaid Dark (Adam's Elder Brother)

Ulmia Dark/Empress of Darkness (Sister-In-Law)

Yami Dark (Eldest Nephew)

Kurai Dark (Youngest Nephew)

Kasien Dark (Adam's Son)
Male, hinted Hermaphrodite
Darkness, Chaos, Dark Empire, Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Doom

Adam Dark is the younger brother of Blaid Dark, he is Prime Minister of the Dark Empire and is known to have been with the Dark Empire Remnants prior to Blaid's return to the In-Between Realm, stating that he was preparing for his brother's return even though Blaid had erassed his memories so he knew not whom his brother was with use of the Retrorsum Eden Relic.


Physical Appearance

Adam Dark wears Jeans and a tight shirt when not doing Darkness-loyal buisness or when undercover in the Realm of Light, this however did very little to save him before the 4th Keyblade War, as he was captured by the Keyblade Order of Light. Seemingly, he wears Organization Robes similar to those worn by Saïx, usually seeming a little small despite the size of the Coat and his muscular form is the only thing which makes up for his lack of size.

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Adam in Keyblade Order of Light's Custody

Adam Dark wears a unique and seemingly leather Armour that protects him from most physical harm even though his enemies usually wield Keyblades, Adam has a number of scars on his person which it is revealed that he approched Blaid when in the Keyblade Order and was captured by an observing Task Force whom were to observe the Black Blood Royal, it is then later revealed that this Team either slacked off or were uneffective as Blaid allowed his unknowing brother to escape custody.


The "first time" Adam and Blaid met, Adam seemed to consider Blaid a powerful New Black Blood Wielder considering that his memories of their childhood had been sealed at Blaid's hand through the use of the Retrorsum Eden Relic, Adam hated Blaid after he was captured and blamed it on Blaid that he was captured however he redirected his Hatred towards the Realm of Light once Blaid freed him and showed that he himself was being tracked by Spies of the Realm of Light. It was after Blaid took control of the Dak Empire did Adam's personality change to encouragement, encouragement at the chance of the Dark Empire returning to gloay, as they had planned.


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