We all knew this day would come, feared it even, however too many Variable have been let open by the Simplified ruleset we have from Wikipedia. Due to difficulties, as of late, these new Laws are NEEDED to make people understand more of a Fan Wiki's design than the Guidelines that the Simplified ruleset had placed for us. I hope these new Rules are acceptable for all those whom have felt the pain of their work being violated or for newcomers whom have yet to fully understand what exactly this Wiki entails, know that writing these new rules is an adventure for me too, more often than Adventure never ends! - BoRadiant 22:10, July 11, 2010 (UTC)

What is a Fan Wiki?

A Fan wiki is a Wiki that ANYONE can add to and edit, however there are many changes in comparison:

  • A Fan Wiki is a gathering of Fan Knowledge and Ideas, most of the time, used in Fanfictions on or other locations.
    • Articles can be added to by people whom have positive contributions, however...
    • Others whom desire to add things to other pages from own ideas, is illegal, as it is influencing another's ideas with one's own. Please refrain from altering other editors' pages. Everyone values their fan fiction and doesn't like seeing it completely altered. If you have a cool idea you may create your own article and start from there. Unauthorized edits to existing fan fiction by editors other than the creator will be reverted.
    • This does not include fixing grammar or spelling errors, or simply rephrasing to make an article more readable. A good editor will appreciate such edits to his fan fiction as it makes it more accessible to readers.
    • Fans from Fanfiction.Net and other locations are known to visit this Wiki, therefore they expect to have either accurate information or to add accurate information should it not already have been added.

The Rules:

  1. EVERY person has a right to start a project of their own, no one may edit that project unless requested or unless there are gramatical errors that can be altered, blocking limit is as of yet undescided.
  2. Any assualt (such as vandalizing or spam) upon the Articles of this Wiki will be treated with a blocking for an indefinate amount of time (descided by Admin overseeing the damage), a second cause after that limit will force the Wikian to be blocked indefinatly for extra time (descided by Admin), depending on the case however it will be an infinite block IF the vandalizing is on a worse scale (e.g. the deletion of an entire page's infomation).
  3. Before ANY Punishment is carried out on a member of Wiki whom commited a crime yet did NOT vandalize the Wiki intentionally, a 1 Hour - 24 hour Block will be imputed with the allowance to send messages to Admins to plead their case, Admins will then descide the punishment through blocking for an amount of time.
  4. All Admins should be respected for their efforts, any disruption of the unfairness of Admins (through usage of contacting a Admin externally or insulting an Admin whom are trying their best to make the Wiki a Success) will be blocked for 3 Days however length changes depending by Admin user - This is due to some Admins, on not just this Wiki but others, being abused for doing what they believe is right.
  5. You may add worlds and characters from whichever source you like, under the following conditions:
    1. It must in some way fit into Kingdom Hearts. This means that there have to be references to Kingdom Hearts source material, be they Sora, Donald and Goofy or your own invented protagonists or antagonists, Heartless, etc. For instance, you may add a world based on, say, The Terminator, but not if it's just a description of the Terminator story that could just as easily have been plucked off the Terminator Wiki it is unacceptable. The point of Kingdom Hearts fan fiction is that it in some way involves the Kingdom Hearts series. Your fan fiction must, in one way or another, tie into the Kingdom Hearts universe.
    2. No pornographic content, so don't get cheeky with Sora visiting the world of Backdoor Sluts 7 or anything. They have websites for that that we're not going to link here, sorry.
    3. R-rated source material is allowed, but try to tone down violence and language to fit it in. Nobody wants to see Donald and Goofy dropping F-bombs and entire paragraphs devoted to Heartless brutally eviscerating someone.
    4. Some worlds may be considered "Deleting Material" if they seem absurd, however if the Author explains in details what he's getting at and it makes sense, then the Material may become valid.

It is my belief that if these Additional Rules are followed then the Kingdom Hearts Community can expand greatly with less chance for misunderstanding Errors, intentional errors (such as vandalizing or spam) or even Bullying on Site will still be a problem, but rest assured that these errors will be dealt with quickly and accuratly as possible with these Rules being adjusted when needed. - BoRadiant 07:22, July 14, 2010 (UTC)

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