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Adenoid Hynkel is a villain in Kingdom Hearts II ½. He is one of the bosses in Traverse Town.


Once the ruthless leader of Tomainia, Hynkel was recruited by Hades after his world was destroyed. In Traverse Town, he led Hades's Heartless troops in battle against Sora. While his regular gibberish outbursts were a frequent source of comic relief, he was a formidable foe to Sora and his friends.

As a Boss

Hynkel has very few physical attacks - he uses Slap to push Sora away if he gets too close. Blitzkrieg involves Hynkel spawning bombs in the air which rain down on the party doing massive damage. Homing Missile is a weaker, but more accurate attack which is exactly what it sounds like. Hynkel also has a machine gun which can deplete a lot of HP. Its fire can be reflected using Guard, damaging Hynkel. He summons Crescendos to heal him on a regular basis. He also regulary spawns nearly invisible Mines on the battlefield, which are more of an annoyance than a serious threat (unless Sora is low on HP). Hynkel also summons powerful Heartless regularly.

Battle Quotes

  • "Uh-oh, watch aus!" (Mines)
  • "Sztrike zem!" (Homing Missile)
  • "BLITZKRIEG!!!" (Blitzkrieg)
  • "Raus!!" (Slap)
  • "Eins, zwei, drei, BOOM!!!" (using machine gun)
  • "Auf Wiederschnitzel!"
  • "NEIN!!!" (defeat)

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