The son of Xehanort in essence and in come cases he is also Anti-Sora, the Darkness that lies in Sora's Heart is his true nature as it was with Vanitas and Ventus therefore this makes him an Unversed however he has evolved instead from a being who lives off negative emotions into the opposite of all life.


He was born when Sora connected with his friends hearts and memories, since Anthoxer is a Unversed opposite of all life, he is actually the accumilation of Sora and his Friend's Darkness over a large amount of time ever since the young Key Bearer was born, Anthoxer seems to be connected with the original Xehanort and therefore feeds information through to Xehanort's Dark Chasers whom follow his every command and whim as their Messiah. As the opposite of all life, he is obsesed with ending life AND casting the entire Realm of Light into the Dark Realm while being around to watch the inhabitance suffer, his Keyblade was born of the union between Vanitas and Master Xehanort and therefore the blade of his Keyblade looks a lot like Vanitas' gear however it has a number of demonic spines producing from it like a Morning Star, the gear is actually on the outer rim of the blade much like the Glimpse of Darkness Keyblade.


There is no doubt that he is personified as a Kingdom Hearts variation of the Anti-Christ, powerful and deceptive he is willing to use any means in which to gain the X-Blade and cast Kingdom Hearts into the Endless Abyss however to do this he requires the remains of Ventus' Keyblade at the Room of Awakening which is lost at large, therefore he is obsessed over the Dark Keyblade: the Z-Blade, whom he wishes to create from the Nameless Keyblade and the Keyblade of People's Hearts.

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