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Arnhem is a world in Kingdom Hearts II ½.


Sora, Donald and Goofy arrive to find two detectives, John Polder and Stephanie Berg, being attacked by the Heartless. After rescuing them, they learn that they are investigating the mysterious disappearance of a Dr. Harold Pauw, who was doing controversial research on the human heart. After his disappearings, a spree of mysterious disappearances followed, leaving absolutely no traces. Quickly realizing this must be the work of the Heartless, Sora, Donald and Goofy decide to help John and Stephanie.

They are confronted by a thug named Victor de Arend, who sends a band of Heartless after them. Victor later turns out to be working for Nilmax and Xerruy. John and Stephanie think they have their culprit and decide to track Victor down with Sora's help. They head for Dr. Pauw's old lab, where they find his assistant Nico van Slooten. Nico informs them of Pauw's research - not unlike Ansem the Wise, he investigated the darkness in people's heart, stumbling across the Heartless as a result. Using an unknowing test subject, he hoped to create a perfect Heartless. Sora and the others assume this subject was Victor, but Nico reveals it was actually a man named Ivanek Czehanovsky who is now on the loose and under the control of the Heartless.

Returning to the police station, they are again confronted by Victor, this time defeating him. Inside, they find Ivanek attacking John and Stephanie's assistant, Angela Johanssen. After defeating Ivanek and sending Nilmax and Xerruy on their way in disappointment, Sora reveals a Gate to a new world.


Boss themes


  • Like Super City, this world is based off an original work by creator Xerruy. The original plot involved Ivanek being a wayward genetic experiment, with Victor being an unrelated side character (the latter's role was greatly expanded for the Kingdom Hearts incorporation).
  • The Bear Paw Charm can be found in Dr. Pauw's laboratory.
  • The real Arnhem is a medium sized city in the Netherlands.

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