Kingdom Hearts 3: The Return of the Chasers
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Role Protagonist
First Appearance Final Fantasy X
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Auron is a character who made his first appearance in Final Fantasy X and first Kingdom Hearts appearance in Kingdom Hearts II as Sora's ally in Olympus Coliseum. He returns in the third installment in a storyline with Terra and Cloud Strife.



A warrior monk who eventually became a revered hero with great fighting prowess who eventually lost his way, growing overconfident, and sought to overthrow his kingdom and attain greater power. To do this he sold his soul to the black god Chernabog who gave him the power. Auron managed to kill his ruler, but he was then killed by the ruler's son and sent to the deepest dungeons of Hell, not to be seen again until many years later.

Kingdom Hearts II

Hades becomes increasingly frustrated in his attempts to defeat Hercules, since the hero kills every opponent the Lord of the Dead throws at him. At Pete's suggestion that he "send somebody already dead and save him the trouble," Hades decides to bring out the "mother of all bad guys." He goes to the deepest dungeon in the Underworld and summons Auron, offering to let him out if he kills Hercules. Auron declines and insults him, derisively telling him that "This is my story, and you're not part of it." Hades, in a rage, attacks him just as Sora comes in, and the group escapes, battling legions of Heartless and Cerberus along the way. On the way, Sora complements Auron's fighting skills and asks if he is a hero, though Auron denies being a hero. He asks Sora if he needs a guardian, but Sora politely declines. Soon after escaping Cerberus, Auron disappears. In the second visit, Auron is revealed to be the final contestant in the Hades Cup by Hercules. When Sora attempted to talk to him Auron says that he must defeat them and atone for his crimes, this confuses the group enough to follow him. Sora and Donald then witness a conversation between Hades and Auron in which Hades asks his crime. In response Auron says it was because he exsisted. When Hades told Auron to not only defeat Hercules, but also get rid of "three meddling friends" (Sora, Donald, and Goofy), Auron refuses making Hades seal Auron's free will into a statue and forces him to fight Hercules in the Underworld Coliseum. Sora enters the Underworld in search for the statue. Meanwhile, Auron came close to defeating Hercules, pinning him under Battlefields of War. However, moments after Sora brings back the statue, restoring his free will. Auron then joined Sora and the party to help defeat Hades. Subsequently, he decided to travel the Underworld to write his own story, granting Sora the Guardian Soul Keyblade before leaving.

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