Introduced in:
Presently Unknown

18 Years


1 Years
World That Never Was
Race and whom Created From:
High Ranked Humanoid Nobody

Special Nobody

Blaid Dark/Shinji Shade (Body)

Shinji Shade (Heart)
Darkness, Light, Nothingess
Hair Colour:
Black (silver near the ends)
Eye Colour:
Male, hinted Hermaphrodite

A powerful Nobody whom was born from an extension of Darkness that was released from Blaid Dark's comatose Body, it works for Blaid whom communicates with it mentally from within Yami's body where his Heart now resides, it together with Kurai work towards gathering the equipment needed for Blaid's return with even more power.



After Blaid has the Death Penalty Gun used on him, it caused Blaid body to go Comatose as it attempted to repair itself as well as ejected Blaid's Heart from his Body, that Heart divided into two. One part of the Heart was Shinji's own remnant Heart, it along with the Darkness remaining on Blaid's Body became the Nobody: Badlix, Badlix would then hear commands from Blaid's Spirit and Heart himself which obeyed similar to how Shinji would.

Blaid's first command was to create an Organization of Humanoid Nobodies that would from then on represent the Nobodies of the Dark Empire which Badlix set out to do immediatly, he set up a base near the World that Never Was in the Artifical Factory World: Fortress of Nothing, there they built a navy of Nobody Ships for their own private Fleet which began working with Kurai's forces to find important objects.

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