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Bahamut is a summon in Kingdom Hearts II ½. It was originally intended to appear in the first Kingdom Hearts, but scrapped.


A Bahamut plays a minor role in Radiant Garden, assisting Sora, Leon and the others in the battle against the Decepticons and the Heartless they bring. Later, its summon charm can be found inside a treasure chest in Jumanji.

In Battle

The Bahamut is one of the most powerful summons in Kingdom Hearts II ½. Its basic attacks are stomps, which cause destructive shock waves, and tail swings wgich can decimate multiple enemies in one blow. Energy Breath has the Bahamut blow a ray of energy towards its targets, somewhat similar to the Ice Titan's icy breath and Godzilla's nuclear power breath. Kamikaze has Sora ride the Bahamut as it flies into the air, hovering for a few seconds before dropping back down, landing on the ground with a massive crash that takes away huge chunks of HP from even the more powerful enemies. Recommended for above-average, difficult bosses.

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