Basil of Baker Street
Kingdom Hearts 3: The Return of the Chasers
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Homeworld Mouse Kingdom
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Role Party Member
First Appearance The Great Mouse Detective
Voiced by Barrie Ingham (English)
Basil is the mouse detective protagonist of The Great Mouse Detective. his partner David Q. Dawson has worked with him on all of his cases.


Kingdom Hearts: Adventures of Krystal

Krystal meets with Basil and Dawson first hand at a cafe during the day. While Basil tells about his detective career, a robbery ensues and Krystal and Basil put down the criminals. Later in the evening, a young girl named Olivia Flaversham comes to him and warns about her father Hiram going missing. The group begins to search for clues, including stolen mouse army uniforms and a plan to takeover the Mouse Kingdom. All hands were pointed to Basil's arch-enemy Prof. Ratigan. While investigating a toy shop, Krystal and Basil hear Olivia screaming for help and they race to save her from Fidget, but arrive too late thanks to a note from the bat. At a bar, the group watches miss kitty mouse perform and a bar fight starts afterwords. The group escape and Basil gets the location of Ratigan's hideout from a henchman. Krystal loses contact with the mouse duo and goes undercover as a Ratigan henchman. Desperate, Krystal shoots the bottle holding Olivia captive, freeing her, then saves Basil and Dawson. At Ratigan's plannings for the kingdom, Krystal takes control of the robot Queen Mousetoria and denounces Ratigan as a sewer rat and a liar. Angered, Ratigan flees with Fidget and recaptures Olivia. The heroes give chase with a makeshift craft and crash into the Tower of London. After Basil saves Olivia from being crushed by a gear, he and Krystal duel with Ratigan for a final battle. Luck was about to be out, when the Big Ben rang, causing Ratigan to fall to his death and take Basil with him. The mouse detective saves himself in time. Mousetoria honors Krystal's party, Basil and Dawson for saving her life and her kingdom.

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