Original seen in the tv show "BEN 10" in 2005 later on a sequel to the series came in that took place 5 years later in the future called "Ben 10 Alien Force" in 2008 which is where the story takes place in KHU2 now there is a series on called "Ben 10 Ultimate Alien" which will have new episode come on at Oct. 10. He's a partner to sora in Universe 2 using most of his alien forms which are Swamp-fire, Humungasaur, Big chill, jetray, Echo-Echo, Spider-Monkey, Alien X, Goop, Brainstorm, Cannonbolt, Upchuck, Way Big, and Diamond Head (which was only used in the Vilgax fight and after, also replacing Chromastone). Each alien has a different power and feature. 3 of his forms are bosses and the first 10 are used in his limit. he also has a different limit used with daimond head.

Ben Tennyson
Kingdom Hearts: Night of The War
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Homeworld Bellwood
Other residences n/a
Role Ally, Party Member
First Appearance Ben10 (2005)

Ben10 Alien-Force(2008)
Ben10 Ultimate-Alien(2010)

Voiced by Yuri Lowenthal

In Story

Before Vilgax came to Ben's home world his self-confidence of himself is a bit over-whelming because of him beating the Highbreeds. When Ben finds out that Vilgax is back he decides to hack the Omnitrix with Kevin's new machine. After Azmuth and Gwen warned him of what might happen he still does it and in the end Spidermonkey, Goop, Chromastone, & Way Big all escape from the Omnitrix and to make things worse Kevin has been turned in a monster again.


  • It's Hero Time! (Using Limit and transforming)
  • HEY!! (Taking Damage)
  • Oh, Man!!! (Defeated)
  • Thanks (being Cured)
  • This should help (curing himself)
  • let go to alien [ using limit and trasfroming]

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