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Ally, Assistant
Spyro: Year of the Dragon (2000)
Voiced by
Neil Ross

Bentley is a character encountered in Kingdom Hearts II ½.


Bentley is a powerful and rather eloquent yeti. Usually he lives in his outpost with his little brother Bartholomew.


Sora and Spyro bribed Moneybags to free Bentley, Sheila, Sgt. Byrd and Agent 9, who had been imprisoned by Maleficent. He then assisted Sora and Spyro in battling a powerful Heartless, Hot Scorch, sent by the Sorceress and Maleficent.

In Battle

Bentley is slow but has great attack power. He can perform powerful combos with his ice club. Occasionally, he slams the club into the ground to send localized shockwaves towards enemies, knocking them into the air.

Battle Quotes

  • "Sora, let's show these fiends!"
  • "Oh no, you're not!"
  • "My word..." (low on HP)
  • "I apologize, I'm beat" (defeat)
  • "That's more like it!" (revived)
  • "All for one and one for all!" (revived or healed by party member)


  • Bentley's help in the battle with the Hot Scorch mirrors his assistance during the fight against the monster called Scorch in Spyro: Year of the Dragon.

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