The Emperor of Darkness/Blaid Dark/Dark Blaid's Keyblades

The Emperor of Darkness' First Keyblade - Darkness Claw

A Keyblade over a thousand years old, since the 1st Keyblade War and has been the need for most conflict ever since, within it is contained the incomplete Nameless Keyblade which when completed makes half of the Z-Blade.

The Emperor's Second Keyblade - Darkness Fang

A Keyblade created out of Darkness and forged into a Dark Keyblade, it was actually Blaid's Old Keyblade that allowed the now Emperor to make the design possible from his mind, it was made out of Gaia Bane which is the remains of Blaid's Keyblade before the last Keyblade War and before he was announced as Emperor of the Dark Realm by those that reside there.

The Emperor's Second Keyblade - Darkness Fang +

A Keyblade gained after Blaid overtakes Radiant Garden in Darkness, by doing so he unlocked a lot of Darkness from the Heart of Radiant Garden and debalanced the Realm of Light, it is presently Blaid's strongest Keyblade as it makes itself and the Wielder stronger when Denizens of Darkness are nearby (e.g. Heartless, Nobodies, Unversed, Black Blood Wielders, etc).

The Emperor's Second Keyblade - Darkness Fang ++

The Nameless Keyblade

A Keyblade incomplete in Keyblade Master standards however it looks exactly like the Keyblade of People's Hearts and Blaid believes that it is possible to create the Legendary Z-Blade from combining the two Keyblades, thereby opening the Door To Darkness. The Emperor revealed that Darkness Claw was forged from this Keyblade and therefore Darkness Claw is its contained form, to show off his powers, Blaid reverted the Darkness Claw blade back into its true form.


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