The same Blaid from the stories written by Evnyofdeath however his last name has been changed as he is now a cross between the original Blaid Radiant and Blaid Dark, therefore he shares a double relationship: between Shadow Obscurus (Shadow Dark) and Ulmia, in that order


Blaid has indicated that he is VERY Old, specifying that this one life he lives which is practically over 100 Years is not even a Sperm's life length compared to his spirit's age, specifiying that he and his siblings along with Shadow are VERY Important in the working of the entire Universe. It is believed that they are actually Kingdom Doom's basic elements:

  • Blaid - Death
  • Dimitri - War
  • Shadow - Destruction
  • Ryan - Despair
  • Yami - Pride (Possible since he's Blaid's son)
  • Tormack - Envy
  • Unknown - Pestilence
  • Unknown - Famine

Also, its to be specified that Death is the path of Darkness, specifically a human has to die to become a Heartless or Unversed.


Taking Command

Blaid spent most of his youth learning the ways of a Dark Keyblade Wielder, by his teen years he met and impregnated Ulmia whom he accepted as his wife however Blaid's appetite for company essentially increased at a rapid rate, eventually Ulmia learned that Blaid was older than he looked and had taken his sights on one of the Princes of the Domain of Nothingness called Shadow Obscurus long before Ulmia and Blaid had met.

Blaid and Shadow had commanded the Domain of Nothingness on the behalf of Darkness, making it an invincible Naval Empire and easily causing fear to cross south into other lands all together, later however the present Royal Family's ancestors managed a Coup against Blaid and Shadow whom were seperated, despair led Blaid then to Ulmia years later.

Blaid also learned that Ulmia had given birth to a son and found that as a potential heir to stewardship if he were to die in combat, he seperated Yami Tenebrae from his mother for unknown reasons before going MIA (Missing In Action) in the following conflict, some say that Blaid is out there somewhere causing Chaos however he is truthfully with Shadow Obscurus and is watching over Yami.

Third War between Light and Darkness

The Chain of Dark Events

Reapperance and Plots

Blaid first appears at the Shinra's City of Midgard which is able to see Radiant Garden in the distance as well as a portion of the Outer Town from the cliff that Shinra rests on and was occupied, Sephiroth comments that Blaid intends to gather an army of Heartless, Nobodies and Unversed in the Great Maw.

It is unspecificed why Blaid would do this, Sephiroth and Rufus mention that by attacking Radiant Garden and killing the Prince and Princess, the Emperor of the Radiant Empire would fall to Darkness causing a Civil War. Specifically, Blaid's intention is to weaken the nations of Light, for Xehanort's return.

In the conversation with Rufus, Sephiroth hints that Blaid and his allies are located in Deepground however he never confirms this nor does he dismiss it as he simply hints at the possibility, this shows that dispite the alliance between Rufus and Blaid that there is distrust until Rufus proves himself useful.


After years of oberving his son, Blaid sees it as appropriate for his interveneing in Yami's life, to that end Tormack sets himself up in Radiant Garden at an Abandoned Villa on the Outskirts and began Heartless Operations within the City. This is noticed by the Prince David as the Heartless are sentient, as though following Commands from an external source, the Prince David over reacts at this and designates the possibility of an Unversed's apperance.


Basic Abilities

  • He has an almost frightening presence that demands respect around his sabordinates.
  • It is revealed that Blaid has eternal youth or a slowed ageing, much like some of the Masters, this is unknown how he did it however Blaid mentions that it is possibly something to do with the power of the Keyblade or the Darkness or the Black Blood or possibly all of them combined. Tormack mentions that he is also young eternal, that Blaid looks in his twenties even though he's lived almost three times that amount, its also mentioned that considering her age the Empress or Ulmia also looks young in comparison.
  • He is a known Keyblade Master whom attacks with Heavy Strikes and Darkness much like Terranort.
  • He controls extreme amounts of Darkness.
  • He can use the Dark Corridors at will much like Xemnas
  • Due to being born with the Black Blood, he has been born with the overwhelming Physical Strength and physical resistance to attacks and magic.
  • He can use Magic and even some twisted magic which he calls "Dark Magic", one of these abilities is Dark Firaga and another which is amost an ability is known as Dark Lightening, his control over magic is so profound that he can literally create platforms of different height using his Dark Earth Magic or create a Keyblade twister with his Dark Wind Magic.
  • He has been seen to have the ability to heal wounds by channeling Darkness into Healing magic, he goes by the idea that "Light Purifies and cuts, Darkness Heals and protects, one is self rightious and the other is arrogant, so they would never be able to get along".
  • Blaid is vampiric in nature, nurturing his blood by taking blood from others, he gains massive strength if he devours the Black Blood who refuse their heritage and refuse to master their blood saying that "their blood is unused and therefore pure" but also the same seems to go for those Dark Blood holders whom are Vampiric like himself.
  • The Blood Whip, the ability to manipilate blood as a weapon seems to be one of his primary abilities, Blood Whip one of his greatest weapons thus far.
  • Another frightening ability which he calls "Dark Compulsion" is his ability to force people to do what he wants by wrapping an aura of Darkness around them, it uses the Darkness in their own bodies to paralise them and control their bodies, it is mosty used to stop a person moving however used against a Black Blood can cause an instant attraction between user and used, like a eriee call from the Master to a Servant.
  • He has the capability to create an incomplete "Nameless Keyblade" from the Darkness after the Dark Claw Keyblade has been sacrificed, Yami has shown that he has been able to wield this ability, since he can also touch a Keyblade of the Realm of Light without getting injured due to his Black Blood there is a possibility that he gained some immunity to the Keyblade's Light Element from Blaid also.
  • He has also shown the ability to draw others into a dream world, shown when he drags the "Empress" into Yami's dream to test him.
  • It seems, Blaid uses the Darkness to erase someone's memory, much like the Dark Realm does to a person whom falls into its grasp, it is possible that it uses the person's own Darkness in their Hearts to do such much like the ability known as "Dark Compulsion".

Combat Status Abilities

These are basic Keyblade Combat skills which all Keyblade Masters need to learn and Master in order to be effective in combat, Action abilities eventually become second nature in combat, while support abilities are abilities that are learned to effect combat performance. There are a few growth abilities, some being special and specified, growth abilities can grow stronger and stronger giving a larger range of effects.

Action Abilities

  • Guard - Blocks and shoots back enemy attacks using a parrying action.
  • Upper Slash - Knocks a target into the air during a combo.
  • Horizontal Slash - Attacks a target from left to right during a midair combo.
  • Finishing Leap - Jumps high into the air while attacking at the end of a combo.
  • Retaliating Slash - When knocked down, quickly regains balance and counterattacks.
  • Slapshot - Rapidly attacks a target.
  • Dodge Slash - Unleashes an attack that deals damage to nearby enemies.
  • Flash Step - The User does an extremely fast step attack to uppercut and break the enemy's Guard from a certain distance.
  • Sliding Dash - Instantly closes in on and attacks a far target.
  • Round Break - If there are many enemies around the User, the User will do a spin slash to hits enemies who surround him.
  • Guard Break - Unleashes a powerful finishing combo move that pierces through a target's guard.
  • Black Explosion - A Darkness version of the original explosion that sends out dark shockwaves rather than orbs of Light, Unleashes a finishing combo move that knocks down several enemies, damage dealt is relative to magic skill.
  • Spiral Sweep - Unleashes a powerful leaping attack on targets in midair.
  • Aerial Dive - While standing on the ground, the User jumps and hits with 3 diagonal slashes towards an aerial enemy.
  • Aerial Spiral - Closes in on far targets in midair and unleashes spinning attacks.
  • Aerial Finish - Unleashes a powerful finishing combo move to a single target in midair.
  • Gravity Splash - Air combo finisher, when there are multiple enemies near him, the User spins around while creating a Gravitic force which explodes.
  • Counterguard - Counterattacks nearby enemies with Attack while performing Guard.
  • Cure Potion - Restores the Party's HP.
  • Shoot Lock - A traditional Keyblade Wielder Ability, when the maximum amount of enemies are locked on to, the user then initiates a powerful magic based attack that hits all targeted enemies without fail, Blaid for example uses the Shoot Lock Abilities: Black Volley and Sonic Shadow which use the power of Darkness.

Growth Abilities

  • High Jump MAX - An extreme jump! Jump even higher than you thought possible!
  • Quick Run MAX - Allows the User to sprint rapidly.
  • Dodge Flip MAX - Allows User to flip into the air away from danger, even to flip onto their hand and land back on their feet, its Light based companion is Dodge Roll MAX
  • Aerial Dodge MAX - A Midair jump that is good for dodging enemy aerial attacks.
  • Glide MAX - Allows User to ride the winds with Extreme Speed.

Support Abilities

  • Dark Enhancement - The User is able to argument his/her physical attributes through using the power of Darkness.
  • Synch Blade - Equips a Keyblade in each hand, the ability of the left hand weapon becomes available as well.
  • HP Gain - A Form of Drain effect used in direct combat, allows User to drain stamina and health from an attacked enemy.
  • Silencer - A form of Silencing effect that on impact with an enemy stops them from casting spells until the effect wears off, every time the enemy is struck the effect worsens.
  • Snake Blade - A form of poisen effect that on impact with an enemy causes a constant loss of vitality and life until it wear off, every time the enemy is struck the effect worsens.
  • Dark Magic - The opposite of Endless Magic, unlike Endless Magic which Unleashes magic combos endlessly, Dark Magic instead uses the Darkness inside a person to push the power of their Magic beyond natural limits.
  • Light & Dark - When using it, it forces the User to use either a Form of Light or a Form of Darkness, increassing their power or speed dramatically either way (Blaid only has Dark Impulse so he has that used in dire situations).
  • Scan - Gives details on enemy units.
  • Aerial Recovery - Quickly regains balance when knocked into the air.
  • Combo Boost - Increasses Combo rate.
  • Combo Plus - Increasses Combo rate further.
  • Combo Master - A Master of long and powerful combos.
  • Air Combo Boost - Increasses Combo rate in the air.
  • Air Combo Plus - Increasses Combo rate in the air further.
  • Air Combo Master - A Master of long and powerful aerial combos.
  • Finishing Plus - Unleash successive finishing moves after combos.
  • Berserk Charge - Increases strength during MP Charge and enables combos to continue endlessly, the combo finishing move is not available while this is active.
  • Leaf Bracer - Casting Cure on yourself will continue even when attacked.
  • Magic Lock-On - Automatically locks on to a target when casting Magic.
  • Jackpot - Increases drop rate of munny, HP and MP orbs.
  • Lucky Lucky - Will bring luck by increasing the drop rate of items.
  • Fire Boost - Increases damage done by fire-based attacks.
  • Blizzard Boost - Increases damage done by blizzard-based attacks.
  • Thunder Boost - Increases damage done by thunder-based attacks.
  • MP Hastega - Remarkably increases MP restoration speed after MP is fully consumed.
  • Defender - Increases defense in a pinch.
  • Second Chance - Ensures 1 HP remains after taking massive damage.
  • Once More - Ensures 1 HP remains after taking damage from a combo.
  • Hyper Healing - Quickly revives a fallen Party Member and greatly restores their HP.
  • Reaction Command - Allows the User to make a counterattack depending on certain enemy movements.

Combat Forms

  • Rock Breaker: After fulfilling certain requirements, his initial Command Style changes into Rock Breaker. A powerful and long-ranged Command Style that works best on the ground, it summons three large earth crystals from the ground to damage enemies. Activated by filling the Style Gauge with direct-hit-Keyblade physical commands.
  • Blade Charge: In this Command Style, the Keyblade resembles a purple sword. A long-ranged Command Style, as its name implies, it allows the user to "charge up" the attacks for additional damage. Activated by filling the Style Gauge with Fire- and Ice-based commands.
  • Dark Impulse: A mode in which Blaid summons the full power of darkness to attack enemies. A versatile Command Style that hits enemies with slow, heavy attacks, but also exhibits long-range projectile attacks. Activated by filling the Style Gauge with Dark- and Gravity-based commands.

Keyblade Master Abilities

  • Blaid can make his own Keyblades at a Keyblade Forge.
  • He can open the Corridors between worlds.
  • He can seal/unseal the Keyholes of each world.
  • He can create "Almost Keyblades" out of his chosen element, therefore Dark Keyblade replicas.
  • His Magic is amplified when used through a Keyblade, one of these abilities is to project Dark Ice Magic and Dark Spears from his Keyblade, even though it isn't considered magical it seems he can channel Darkness along his Keyblade to make his attacks cause more damage and an example of this is firing spears of Darkness from his Keyblade.
  • Blaid can use his Keyblade to physically drench a world in Darkness, this is shown by Master Xehanort, when consuming the Land of Departure in Darkness.
  • Blaid can create shockwaves of energy when stabbing his Keyblade into the ground, after using the Power of Darkness, he can cause a shockwave and a stream of Black Lightening.
  • Blaid can unlock any lock.
  • Blaid can sense other Keyblade Wielders.
  • Blaid draws Heartless to the Keyblade, after submerging himself in Darkness, he can control the Heartless and Nobodies which the "attraction" of his Keyblade controling their actions more effectivly.
  • Blaid can harvest Hearts by slaying Heartless with the usage of the Keyblade.
  • Blaid can extract the Darkness in a strong person's Heart and create a humanoid Unversed.
  • He can summon armour to cover his body, however his armour has long since been corrupted by the Darkness, instead of keeping out Darkness it channels it more easily throughout his body.
  • Blaid can take into hand any Chainless Keyblade at the Keyblade Graveyard, however these Keyblade are weaker than true keyblades, since their Keychains have been destroyed alongside their wielders.
  • Blaid has mentioned but doesn't desire to do anytime soon, that he is able to use the Keyblade Master Ability to "Unlocking their Heart" and sending it into another's body, he prefers to leave that as a final course of action which he uses when betrayed by Darkness Incarnate and takes over Shinji's Body.

Magi Abilities

Like all Keyblade Wielders, Blaid has an ifinity for magic or more specifically the Dark Magic variations, Blaid as a Master of the Black Blood seems to have derived magic which he calls Blood Magic. Every mage can feel the dark lure of blood magic. Originally belived to have been learned from demons, these dark rites tap into the power of blood, converting life into Mana (MP) and giving the mage command over the minds of others. Such power comes with a price, though; a blood mage must sacrifice his own health, or the health of allies, to fuel these abilities.

Dark Magic

  • Blaid is able to launch a Dark Firaga attack from his hand.
  • Blaid is able to launch Dark Thunder Magic:
    • As an ability, known as Dark Lightening, causing a purst of Black Lightening which impacts an enemy and can be used for torture/harming purposes.
    • As a Spell known as Dark Thundagun which sends Purple Lightening randomly across the Battlefield.
  • Blaid has been shown quite able to use Dark Magic to heal wounds far rapidly than with normal or Light magic, he calls the effect Dark Medicine.
  • Blaid has been known to be quite powerful in a Dark variation of Gravity and Magnetic Magic.
  • Blaid can use Dark Blizzaga to freeze enemies.
  • Blaid has been able to channel Darkness into Earth Magic to:
    • Create entirely new and large objects out of the ground,
    • Combining Fire with Earth has allowed Blaid to throw molten boulders that explode on impact with something which creates an artifical Meteor Attack called Dark Quake Barrage
    • Blaid can slam his Keyblade into the ground causing pillars of Dark Rock to stab upwards at the enemy and send them flying into the air, this attack is named Dark Quake.
  • Blaid can use Dark Aero to force Keyblades at the Keyblade Graveyard into a large twister of razor sharp winds and Keyblades.
  • Blaid can cast Dark Protega on all the party, a support magic, that lessens extreme physical damage to the target however when not in combat it fades ten minites later.

Blood Magic

  • Blood Magic - For as long as this mode is active, the caster sacrifices health to power spells instead of expending Mana, but effects that heal the blood mage are much less effective than normal.
  • Blood Sacrifice - The blood mage sucks the life-force from an ally, or an enemy, healing the caster but potentially killing the ally/enemy. This healing is not affected by the healing penalty of Blood Magic.
  • Blood Wound - The blood of all hostile targets in the area boils within their veins, inflicting severe damage. Targets stand twitching, unable to move.
  • Blood Control - The blood mage forcibly controls the target’s blood, making the target an ally of the caster. If the target resists, it still takes great damage from the manipulation of its blood.
  • Dark Sustenance - A self-inflicted wound lets the mage draw from the power of tainted blood, rapidly regenerating a significant amount of Mana but taking a small hit to health.
  • Bloody Grasp - The mage's own tainted Black Blood becomes a weapon, sapping the caster's health slightly but inflicting Magic damage on the target.

Reaver Abilities

A form of fighting style derived for not only its heavy attacks and power, but with the usage of Black Blood it is twice as deadly, it is the physical counterpart to Blood Magic. Demonic spirits teach more than blood magic. Reavers terrorize their enemies, feast upon the souls of their slain opponents to heal their own flesh, and can unleash a blood frenzy that makes them more powerful as they come nearer to their own deaths. Some however can control this frenzy as easy as a controling Beserk.

  • Devour - The reaver revels in death, absorbing the lingering energy of all nearby corpses, each of which partially restores the reaver’s own health.
  • Frightening - This talent focuses the Reaver’s unsettling countenance into a weapon, making a target cower in fear unless it passes a mental resistance check. Frightening Appearance also increases the effectiveness of Taunting and Threatening Abilities.
  • Aura of Pain - Radiating an aura of psychic pain, the Reaver takes constant magical damage while this mode is active, as do all enemies nearby.
  • Blood Frenzy - Driven by pain, the Reaver gains larger bonuses to damage whenever health decreases. Because this mode also incurs a penalty to health regeneration, the Reaver flirts with death the longer the frenzy persists.
  • Blood Thirst – The warriors own tainted Black Blood spills in sacrifice, increasing movement speed, attack speed and critical hit-chance. For as long as this mode is active, however, the warrior suffers greater damage and continuously diminishing health.
  • Blood Fury – The warrior sprays tainted Black Blood in order to knock back nearby enemies. The gush of blood, however, results in a loss of personal health.

Black Blood

  • He has more control over his Black Blood, making it more like a weapon than a state-of-mind, he controls it and his Darkness and not the other way around.
  • The Blood Whip is an ability strayed from the fact he is genetically a being of Darkness, born of both Darkness and being a Black "Pureblood", as it were.
  • He can go into a sort of Beserker State, much like a Bloodlust, however unlike his son he has no problem calming his Bloodlust making him a wild beast one moment and a emotionless and cocky bastard the next.
  • He can enthral others with the Black Blood into listening to his calls and drawing them to him, this is but one of the ways in which he gets apprentices which are up to standards, he needs an heir whom has the Black Blood running in their veins.
  • Blaid comments that, the mental "Link" between two family members with the Black Blood, is as sweet and seductive as a deal with the Devil.


  • Blaid was born with 5x the "Empress"'s power over Darkness.
  • Ulmia belives that Blaid has found a way to increase his Darkness over time, it could have something to do with the number of Darkness Wielders with awakened Black Blood or it could be Blaid's own state of mind and emotions feeding the Darkness, either way her previous state the "Empress" never figured out how.
  • All of Blaid's Keyblade based attacks have strong infliction of Darkness damage including even poisening effects, silencing magic use effects and physically weakening effects.
  • It is believed that Blaid summons Darkness and can forge Dark Keyblades for his apprentices, these Keyblades, like all other Dark Keyblades connect to the Darkness in a person's heart and use it as a powersource.
  • Blaid is able to unlock seals using Darkness, so long as there is a Darkness fighting against the seal on the oposite side, he can coordinate the two attacks to the weakest points of the Magical seal.
  • At present, Blaid has roughly between 10x and 14x the "Empress"'s power over Darkness.
  • Blaid's "Dark Pressure" is so strong, it encites fear from those around him, his pressure is also magnified by his Pure Black Blood within him.
  • Blaid has been able to create an Unversed Guardian that looks like its Heartless Counterpart, except it has white tendrils over its body, much like the Jacket of Xemnas Finale, it is confirmed that a Jaguar with an Unversed Collar follows Blaid around his Castle as a Pet and Guard which therefore it is a conceiled form for the Unversed Guardian.[1]Blaid's Guardian, however, the Guardian seen is a Heartless Guardian and not a Unversed one.

Darkness Abilities in Combat

  • Dark Sonic Blade - Slash an enemy while rushing past, a followup attack at right time can create a combo, it also does more damage than the original Sonic Blade as it uses the power of Darkness.
  • Dark Strike Raid - Hurl the Keyblade at an enemy, a followup attack at right time can create a combo, the throw has more power as it is infused with the Power of Darkness.
  • Black Volley Shoot Lock - Launchers spears of Darkness from weapon as a ranged attack, during this he fires many blasts of dark energy at all targeted enemies.
  • Dark Aura - Launchers a number of Darkness based fireballs from his left hand, it can be used as a long ranged or medium range attack.
  • Dark Shield - Blaid creates a barrier to protect himself or others.
  • Dark Impulse - Knock foes into the air before a hard slam down to the ground, damaging multiple enemies, it causes a shockwave of Darkness.
  • Dark Maelstrom - Unleashes a spinning attack on one enemy, causing shockwaves of Dark Energy on impact.
  • Dark Barrage - Throws a number of "Almost Keyblades" at the enemy as black beams of Dark Energy.
  • Sonic Shadow Shoot Lock - Blaid is surrounded by darkness and begins to dash through the enemies, the attack ends with multiple pillars of darkness erupting from the ground.
  • Unversed Guardian - Summons a White and Black version of Xehanort's Guardian to fight with, outside of battle it takes the form of a Unversed Jaguar which follows Blaid around everywhere.


  • Like the Empress of Darkness, Blaid is a well known manipilator of Darkness and it is known that he can make Aerial Blades out of his Darkness allowing him to fight a lot like Xemnas Finale.
  • Blaid's first Keyblade was Gaia Bane, the very same used by Terra and the Lingering Sentiment.
  • After joining with the Darkness and losing Gaia Bane as his Light Keyblade, Blaid claimed the Darkness (or Dark) Claw Keyblade, a 1000 years old Keyblade that was around during the 1st Great Keyblade War and it like the Kingdom Keys have been the centre of the other Keyblade Wars ever since.
  • Blaid has been able to destroy his Keyblade, Dark Claw, to revert it to its true form: the incomplete "Nameless Keyblade" which channels power from the Darkness and Heartless themselves.
  • Blaid corrupted Gaia Bane before remolding it into the Dark Keyblade: Darkness (or Dark) Fang, since then he uses it as his main Keyblade however he seems to be after a higher Keyblade level.
  • After the Z-Blade is completed, he can either transform it into a more compact form or wield it as it is.
  • After Darkness Incarnate's defeated and the destruction of its Soul, Blaid Unlocks the Unversed's Heart with his Keyblade before absorbing it into his body, allowing him to use the Demonic Angel and Nameless Keyblades together, he later evolves it with seven replica's of the Princess of heart's Purity to perfect the Z-Blade.
  • His Main weapon is absorbed into the Perfected Z-Blade making it have limitless power and give Blaid limitless power, it becomes his main Keyblade by the end of EvnyofDeath's Fanfictions.


  • Blaid is merciless when it comes to facing an enemy or his enemy's allies while going by the ideals: "If you let an enemy survive, then he/she will simply come back with a stronger weapon".
  • After learning who Yami was, he seemed content around him, even offering to repair his damaged eye for him.
  • Blaid seems to care a lot about Ulmia and Yami, he seems to have had desired a family, before he became Emperor of Darkness.
  • Blaid isn't afraid to execute someone for dishonouring his Empire, whether it be ally or enemy, he has shown leniency however by giving warnings to people whom actually mean what they've said.


  • Blaid has a very perculiar hair colour, when short it is considered brown however the longer it gets the more it changes, Blaid's hair at medium length is a red-brown a lot like his son, at full length his hair is a dark brown boardering on black.
  • Blaid has Blue eyes before he drenched his Heart in Darkness, after drenching his Heart in Darkness he has brown eyes however after possesing Shinji's body he gains rose red eyes, it could mean that while hair colour depends on its length his eye colour changes slightly for what age of body he inhabits.
  • While getting use to Shinji's body, his right eye is Golden, however over the month training Yami it becomes rose red.
  • Described as having a tall and lean frame but not overly muscular, it seems that the Black Blood enhances his strength without physical changes to his body.
  • Described as having long, yet elegant legs, making him quite fast despite his prefered strong arm tactics.
  • Offically wears the Dark Keyblade Master Uniform.
  • Unformally wears a Black shirt with black jeans, black Organization XIII boots, black leather gloves and a Black Leather Trench Coat.


Outside of Battle

  • "Kingdom Hearts, an important cycle connected to the Heart of Everything that Lives, after its doors we find the Endless Abyss which is beyond Kingdom End and the Heart of Darkness. Light is always found in the Darkness, however as it seems, Darkness is far more abundant."
  • "You see, I knew Yami that you would eventually cross the wall between Darkness and Light, to find your way to my side!"

Inside of Battle

  • "Light cannot defeat the Darkness, in order for you to defeat me, you must use a stronger Darkness!"
  • "Open your Heart to Darkness!"
  • "Dround in Darkness and Despair!"
  • "Behold the full power of the Keyblade!"
  • "Your heart is emptied, both Light or Darkness, no where to go and nothing to do!"
  • "You can be Nothing instead of a Nobody"

Victory Quotes

  • "Your heart is weak"
  • "Darkness IS power"
  • "You don't have enough Darkness"
  • "You have come far...but not far enough"

Defeat Quotes


  • The Reaver and Blood Mage Specializations are based off such specialisations in Dragon Age: Origins, that also includes the School of Blood and the Power of Blood Abilities.

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