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Bolt is one of the many Disney characters encountered in Kingdom Hearts II ½.


Bolt is initially encountered on the Destiny Islands where he assists in the battle against Hades's invading Heartless, much like Stitch in the Battle of the 1000 Heartless. He later becomes available as a summon, after Sora finds his charm in the Mayor's house.

In Battle

Bolt is an offensive summon which possesses great speed. He can get in multiple hits before the target has a chance to respond. His main attacks are biting and charging. Dog Swing has Bolt grab the Keyblade with his jaws, allowing Sora to swing him around and hurl him at an enemy. Any succesful hit with this move will cause twice as much damage as one of Bolt's regular charge attacks, but frequent useage will quickly deplete the Summon Gauge.

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