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Bouvet Island is a world in Kingdom Hearts II ½.


Sora, Donald and Goofy arrive at the abandoned whaling village, where they are immediately attacked by Heartless. Meanwhile, Maleficent appears deep inside the pyramid, before the Alien Queen. Entering the pyramid, Sora quickly recognizes the Predator statues. Inside the pyramid, they are ambushed by a Predator called Chopper. Chopper is them ambushed himself by an especially vicious Alien called Grid, who then fights a second Predator, Celtic. Celtic is also defeated by Grid.

A voice calls out to Sora and his friends, which turns out to be Alexa "Lex" Woods. She explains what is going on at the pyramid and also tells them that, before they were killed, the people she was with saw "a woman in a black robe" in the pyramid, "some kind of witch". Realizing this is Maleficent, Sora and the others accompany Lex deep into the pyramid where they encounter the final Predator, Scar. After fighting him, they enter the Queen's chamber where they find Maleficent fighting off several Aliens. Maleficent reveals her plan - turn the Alien Queen into a Heartless - and calls more Heartless to cause trouble for Sora and his friends.

After escaping the Queen's chamber, Sora and the others discuss what to do next. Lex and Goofy suggest seeking out Scar to attempt to strike an alliance with him against the Heartless and Aliens, although Sora and Donald are pretty sceptical. In the end, they succeed in getting Scar to join their side.

Meanwhile, Grid and several other Aliens free the Queen from her chamber. The Queen quickly escapes to the surface. Sora and the others follow her there. The ensuing clash pits Sora, Lex and Scar against the Queen, with Donald and Goofy temporarily incapacitated. After the Queen is defeated, an enraged Maleficent appears. She kills Scar for interfering, but before she can do anything else the Predator ship arrives, prompting her to leave. An Elder Predator comes from the ship and hands Sora a spear as a reward for defeating the "serpents". As Sora already got a Predator spear in Concrete Jungle, Sora hands the spear to Lex instead. The spear reveals a Gate to a new world.



(Grid defeats Chopper)
Donald: Thanks for getting rid of him for us!
(Grid hisses at them)
Sora: I don't think we're any better off now...

(Celtic attacks Grid and they start fighting)
Sora: Guess we ran into an alien catfight.

(Aliens approach after Sora and the others defeat a pack of facehuggers)
Donald: They look angry...
Lex: We just killed their babies, of course they are...

Lex: Sora, wait. We're in the middle of a war. It's time to pick a side.
Sora: We are on our side!
Lex: We have to consider the possibility that we may not make it out of here. Those hunters, they’re just here for the serpents. But if the serpentsand the 
Heartless reach the surface, everything everywhere could die.
Goofy: Oh, I gotcha! You mean we gotta go help that hunter fight the serpents and the Heartless!

Maleficent (fighting Aliens): Away, you pathetic insects!

Sora (approaches Scar, lowering Keyblade): The enemy of my enemy is my friend...

(Scar takes off his mask, showing his face. Sora recoils in disgust)
Sora: Okay, how about you put that back on?

Maleficent (controlling the Alien Queen): Crush those pitiful fools! My Heartless will assist you!

Maleficent (to Scar, after the Queen has been defeated): You! You are to blame for this, you foolish creature!
(Scar fires a plasma bolt at Maleficent, which she blocks with green fire)
Ingrate! You dare to strike me? You are no match for me. Behold, real power!
(fires a blast of green fire which kills Scar)

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