The CN Realm is kind of like a Trverse Town but for the poeple in the second universe. This world is more important than poeple thought. the heart of the worlds gaurded by the 3 lines that make the original cartoon network logo (the colors are Red, Yellow, & Orange) If that heart is destroyed the entire world would be destroyed but no one knows what happens after that.

CN Realm

Cccowandchicken 337 835

Cartoon Cartoon Fridays (1990's)
Red, Yellow, & Orange Lines
Main Antagonist
Xansem (-1)


The Hearts of the Cn Realm is under attack by the Heartless. Not a lot of poeple there are fighters. Sora has to find a way to get the world to stop sending heartless there. Every character in that world has lost their world. They're all based off old and forgoten cartoonnetwork characters. Xansem (the leader of the negative 13) has came to get the heartless to attack and has to be defeated or atleast banned for this world.



  • Black Line (Shrouding Dark Cloud)
  • Xansem 1 (Disappeared)


  • The CN Realm is the setting of the Cartoon Cartoon Fridays in the early days of Cartoon Network which was hosted by CN characters and the 3 lines as a background
  • The Black Line is a Heartless line but as a arrow instead of just a line and was sent by Xansem
  • This world is also used to Buy and win Summon Charms in mini games and moogle shops

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