Kingdom Hearts Keyblade War
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Homeworld Land of Departure
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Role Main Protagonist
First Appearance Kingdom Hearts Keyblade War
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Caelum is one of the 4 main protagonists in Kingdom Hearts Keyblade War along with Mare, Solum, and Flamma. He, along with the other apprentices, is appointed by his master to travel to other worlds to end the chaos and war being spread from a dark force in the Land of Departure. At the beginning of the events of the Keyblade War, Caelum is 17 years old.


Caelum has a personality very similar to that of Sora. He is courageous beyond his year, he has a natural gift of befriending others, and he cares deeply for his friends. He is loyal and very forgiving. In contrast to Sora, he is slightly more reserved and more educated.


Caelum has an appearance very similar to that of a 17 year old Sora. He is a slightly bronzer than Sora, has the darker brown hair from Kingdom Hearts I, and he has sky blue eyes. His hairstyle is medium length between Roxas's hairstyle and Sora's. Caelum wears a traditional Keyblade Order Robes, the origin of the of the Organization XIII robes except white.


  • Caelum (pronounced: Kai-lum) is the Latin word for sky. This is in homage to Sora whose name means sky in Japanese, as well as give homage to the apprentices in Birth by Sleep whom had Latin names.

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