22 Teens would do anything to get $100,000. They enter Total Drama Island, a show created by Chris Mclane. He puts the 22 teens into 2 teams the Killer Bass and the Screaming Gofers. by the time Sora comes in it's already time for the Final 2.

Camp Wawanakwa


Total Drama Island (2008)
Gwen, Owen
Heather, Maleficent
$100,000 check
normal theme
battle theme
"I wanna be Famous" (TDI theme)


Gwen and Owen are the Final 2 in the compatition and when the other aliminated contestants have came to watch the race. Behind their backs though Heather is making a deal with Maleficent. If heather can get the other players to be turned into heartless Heather can get the prize and take over her world. Naturally she says yes.


  • Gwen
  • Owen
  • Chris Mclane
  • Master Chef
  • Heather
  • Duncan
  • Trent
  • Eva
  • Courtney
  • Lindsay
  • Beth
  • Cody
  • Bridgette
  • Tyler
  • DJ
  • Noah
  • Sadie
  • Katie
  • EzeKiel
  • Justin
  • Harold
  • Izzy
  • Geoff
  • LeShawna


  • Heather (The Encounter)
  • Gilded Chris Heartless (Shroading Dark Cloud)
  • Master Chef (Vim & Vigor)


  • The gilded chris heartless is based off the gilded chris awards in Total Drama Action as a replacement to marshmallows.
  • After Total Drama Island the show had a sequel called Total Drama Action and after that is Total Drama World Tour.
  • originally Chris was ment to be a boss but i thought that might be to desperate.

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