A villian by the name of Ice King is kidnapping princesses to force into marrage. Sense this is a Cartoon Network original cartoon the Ice king actually things he is being sweet but is being pushy. With the help of Petes dark powers he gives the Ice king the power of the heartless to get the next Princess which is Princess Bubble gum the princess of Candy Kingdom. Finn and Jake agree to let Sora come and fight the Ice King sense neither Finn or Jake can fight heartless.

Candy Kingdom

250px-Candy kingdom

Adventure Time (2010)
Party Member
Finn and Jake
Main Antagonist
Ice King
Ice King's Crown


  • Finn (Jeremy Shada)
  • Jake (John DiMaggio)
  • Princess Bubble-Gum (Hynden Walch)
  • Ice King (Tom Kenny)
  • Pete


  • Pete (Rowdy Rumble)
  • Ice King (The Encounter)
  • Ice-O-Pede (Shrouding Dark Cloud)

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