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The Carnotaurus is an antagonist in Kingdom Hearts II ½. It is one of the bosses in The Cretaceous.


The Carnotaurus is a hungry predator and therefore not technically a "villain" or at all "evil". It preys on the weak, attacking from an ambush and using scare tactics to isolate stragglers and other weak members from the herd. Because it is a mere animal, it was easy for Pete and the Heartless to control.

As a Boss

The Carnotaurus is a very dangerous boss. Just getting stepped on by it will cause damage, much like the Behemoth Heartless. Occasionally, it will use Stomp to create a massive shockwave. Its Bite attack can deplete huge amounts of HP's (especially the Bite Combo) and is comparable to that of Cerberus. Alternatively, it may use Grab to lift Sora into the air and shake him violently, causing a lot of damage. Grab can be prevented with Guard, but cannot be escaped if that fails. However, if a team member attacks the Carnotaurus while it is shaking Sora, it will drop him (the same goes when it grabs another team member, although Aladar is too large for it to use this attack on). Tail Swing is not very powerful, but will knock Sora quite some distance away from the Carnotaur. It also uses Cerberus's Dark Breath attack, causing pillars of darkness to materialize under Sora's feet. Also, the Carnotaur uses the Homing Fire of Maleficent's Dragon form.


  • "Carnotaurus" means "meat bull".
  • The real Carnotaurus was much smaller than those in Dinosaur, which were scaled up as a replacement of the T-rex, the original intended antagonist of the film.

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