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Summon item
Lunarian Charm
Final Fantasy IV: The After Years (2008)
Voiced by
Dee Bradley Baker

Ceodore Harvey is a summon in Kingdom Hearts II ½.


Ceodore's summon is found in Fiorina 161.

In Battle

Ceodore is small and agile, attacking with a flurry of sword attacks. His attacks don't do that much damage, but he can rack up a large number of hits in a very short timeframe, still depleting a lot of enemy HP. Afterthought allows Sora and Ceodore to teleport (not unlike Saïx and Sora's Warp Snipe reaction command when dealing with Sniper Nobodies) behind an enemy and attack from the rear. This is crucial for front-loaded enemies like Large Bodies, which are almost impermeable from the front. The finishing move, Remember, has Sora and Ceodore radiate their weapons with energy, slashing at enemies to cause a massive and very harmful explosion.

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