Charlie and ginger were first in there own channel but the original charlie (daria curry) accidently closed the account and now joins jetray103 where they work with sora to eliminate the Heartless in their home world.

Charlie & Ginger

Charlie & Ginger2

Home World
Allies, Summon
Summon Item
Gramoo Charm
Charlie & Ginger(2008-09)

Jetray103 (2010)

Voiced by
Charlie - Sierra Curry Ginger - Mena Lowery

In Story

After being saved by Sora, Charlier and Ginger give Sora the Gramoo Charm which is a reference to the charlie and ginger video called "Selling Kyle'Os - Gramoo" who also returns in "I SOLD GINGER ON EBAY".

In Battle

when summoned charlie and ginger battle alone until sora activates the limit "Redonculous" which is a lot like the Wirli-Goofy Limit in Kingdom hearts 2 first charlie and ginger kick sideways with Sora in between 3X. Second like the Goofy Tornado sora grabs their hands and starts spinning like a tornadoe for 10 seconds finally ended by sending luigi to attack the other enemies then they disappear to Jefferson.

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