The Universe XP Kingdom Hearts Series
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Homeworld World of Dark City
Other residences n/a
Role Antagonist
First Appearance Fantasia
Voiced by Tony Todd (English)
Tessho Genda (Japanese)
Chernabog is an evil demonic god. He Appeared in The Universe XP Kingdom Hearts Series.


Chernabog Arised to Summoning the Evil Spirits and Demons, and He Transform to the Imperial Class Star Destroyer. Megatron was Counterfact on the Bald Mountain and Must ready to Began with. However, the Bald Mountain Broken and Crumbles into Pieces thanks to World of Dark Alliance, He Fought out!

The Black Demon Swoops up and Leaving Symphony of Sorcery to our Hands, and Headed to Planet Earth.

As a Boss


Fantasia - Night on Bald Mountain07:59

Fantasia - Night on Bald Mountain

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