The Swallow Falls was a town where all they ate was sardines right before the famous baby brent company was shut down everyone found out that sardines are growse and everyone was sick of eating sardines and everything was grey and tastless until a man named Flint Lockwood decides to make a machine which turns food into water.

1st Visit

When Sora entered chew and swallow he goes to the peir and all of the sudden it starts raining Cheese burgers andfinds out that Flint Lockwood made it rain cheese burgers by accident soon they go to his lab.

2nd Visit



  • Flint Lockwood (Bill Hader)
  • Tim Lockwood (James Cann) (flint's father)
  • Steve the Monkey (Neil Patrick Harris)
  • Sam Sparks (Anna Faris)
  • Mayor Shellbourne (Bruce Campbell)
  • Baby/Chicken Brent (Andy Samberg)
  • Officer Earl Devereaux (Mr. T)
  • Cal Devereaux (Bobb'e J. Thompson)
  • Manny (Benjamin Bratt)
  • Fran Lockwood (Lauren Gamham) (flint's dead Mother)

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