Concrete Jungle


Predator 2 (1990)
Ancient pistol from 1715
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The Hunter
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Concrete Jungle is a world in Kingdom Hearts II ½.


Sora, Donald and Goofy land in the world and discover the aftermath of a huge streetfight between the police and local gang members. Entering a building, they encounter Mike Harrigan, Jerry Lambert and Leona Cantrell who are chasing a mysterious killer which Sora quickly identifies as the Predator, just like the one seen in Hunter's Bush. Heartless attack Sora and the others, allowing the Predator to escape. After leaving the buildings, Sora and the others are confronted by an FBI agent named Keyes. Keyes announces the FBI will be taking over this investigation, to Harrigan's dismay.

Later, Hades appears in Keyes's office, offering his help in catching the Predator. At the police station, the FBI has already ransacked all files relating to the Predator case. Jerry alerts Sora to a possible Heartless attack in the city. At the scene, Sora and the others find a horde of Heartless and also see the Predator, which is later cornered on the roof by Hades. Hades easily overpowers it with his dark powers.

Back at the police station, Jerry and Leona reveal that Keyes has left in the company of the Heartless. They follow his trail to a slaughterhouse. There, Hades appears and summons a mechanical Heartless called the Butcher, which Keyes rides in battle against Sora and the others - his end of the bargain with Hades. Keyes is defeated and succumbs to the darkness. The Predator escapes, fleeing into a cave where Sora and the others discover its ship. There, they fight the Predator in one final clash. Afterwards, Elder Predators appear in the ship. They offer Sora and Harrigan a a reward for managing to defeat one of their own. After that, the ship departs.

An ancient pistol given to Harrigan by one of the Elder Predators reveals the Gate to a new world.


  • Mike Harrigan (Danny Glover)
  • Peter Keyes (Gary Busey)
  • Jerry Lambert (Bill Paxton)
  • Leona Cantrell (Maria Conchita Alonso)


(meeting Sora, Donald and Goofy for the first time)
Leona Cantrell (to Jerry): Hold your fire! They're unarmed!
Jerry Lambert: Then what the hell is that kid holding in his hand? That ain’t no housekey, that’s a damn club! 

Mike Harrigan (joining forces with Sora): Hey kid. Welcome to the war.

Mike Harrigan: Maybe I wasn't clear. You can't just barge in here and take over.
Peter Keyes: I've got a badge here that says I can.
Sora: You heard him! This is our investigation!
Peter Keyes: Ah, children. Always so adorably naïve.

Peter Keyes (meets Hades): How did you get past security?
Hades: You call that security?

Hades: You want to capture the invisible hunter, right?
Peter Keyes: How do you know?
Hades (sighs): Mortals, always slow on the uptake. I'm a god, hello!

Donald Duck: You don't know what you're dealing with, you dumb palooka!
Peter Keyes: One more word out of the duck and I'm declaring you three unwanted aliens. Got it?

(Heartless appear)
Sora: We'll take care of them!
Mike Harrigan: No way. This is my city.
(joins battle)

Hades (confronted by the Predator'): Don't they teach manners in outer space?

Hades (Heartless fail to subdue the Predator): I thought you were called Heartless, not Brainless.

Peter Keyes: Harrigan! They told me you were a stubborn guy. I guess that's why they made you Lieutenant, so you'd have less superiors to piss off!

(after Sora, Donald, Goofy and Harrigan defeat the Predator, more appear)
Sora: Okay. Who's next?

Boss themes


  • The name of the world, "Concrete Jungle", is a reference to the 2005 video game Predator: Concrete Jungle which was released for the Playstation 2.
  • Keyes's defeat is quite similar to Clayton's in Kingdom Hearts - he rides a Heartless in battle, only to be crushed by it after being defeated.
  • This world is unlocked by completing Hunter's Bush.

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