Cruella de Vil


Home world
One Hundred and One Dalmatians (1961)
Voiced by
Susanne Blakeshee

Cruella de Vil is a villain in Kingdom Hearts II ½.


A greedy, rich and fur-loving lady, Cruella wants to make the perfect coat from the fur of the Dalmatian puppies. With the help of Pete, Jasper and Horace, she was kidnapped them. The Heartless are attracted to the darkness in her heart, allowing her to command them to attack Sora and his friends.

As a Boss

Cruella is fought in an on-rails boss battle involving Sora standing on the back of a truck with Cruella pursuing in her car. It is quite similar to various Terminator battles. Try to use the reaction command Stop to keep her from ramming the truck (the truck has only 1 ½ HP bar). Occasionally, she'll summon Heartless and use the powers of darkness for Thunder attacks. Beware the bombs she throws - they do massive damage, but can be reflected back at her to damage her car.

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