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Crush and Gulp are two villains in Kingdom Hearts II ½. They serve as Ripto's chief henchmen during his takeover of Avalar, leading legions of Heartless.



Crush is a dim-witted bipedal dinosaur with a large Neanderthal club. He is the dumbest of the two, often "staring into space as his mind goes blank".


Gulp is slightly smarter than Crush and considerably tougher. He carries massive twin lasers on his back. Secretly, he dreams of being a cook.

As Bosses


Hades has embellished Crush with the powers of darkness. Crush will spit fireballs at Sora. These can be deflected to stun him. He'll also fire electricity from between his horns, which can do serious damage if not avoided. If approached, he'll swing his club, which can do massive damage if he manages to land a combo. He'll also slam it into the ground, causing wide shockwaves. Crush's main weakness is speed, or rather his lack of it. This is especially useful with Spyro's Dragon Ride limit, in which Sora rides on Spyro's back and the player essentially controls Spyro, who is about three times as fast as Sora. Occasionally, Ripto (who is observing the battle) will summon Heartless to aid Crush. Crush also has Cerberus's Dark Breath attack, launching spirals of darkness at Sora from the ground.


Like Crush, Gulp can use the powers of darkness. He can breathe fire and fires a lot of laser bolts from the twin lasers mounted on his back. Occasionally, he'll use Laser Rain, sending a huge amoubt of bolts which strike the entire battlefield. Occasionally, he'll charge at Sora. If evaded, he'll be confused, allowing Sora to attack him from behind. After a few combos he'll spin around to knock Sora away. When he crouches, he is about to leap, causing a huge shock wave. When his HP gets low, he'll go into a frenzy and charge across the arena while firing lasers.

Heartless Gulp

After being defeated, Gulp succumbs to the darkness. Ripto calls him into battle as a Heartless. In this form, Gulp has the same attacks sans the lasers (but Ripto will be firing various magic spells from his back). He gains Crush's Dark Breath attack.


A Nobody was created as well when Gulp became a Heartless. Nilmax and Xerruy tried to use it against Xsarc, the Nobody of Scar which was wreaking havoc in Twilight Town.

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