THe Cul-De-Sac from ed, edd, n' eddy a Cartoon Network tv show that lived for i beleived 10-12 years until 2009 with their movie specail. The show is about 3 middle school kids named Ed, Double D, & Eddy who are widly hated in their home world but will surve a great perpose in Universe 2.


First Visit - Jafar gives Kevin dark powers to get the ed's & Sora before they find the gateway. The Kankers were tricked by Jafar Making them think Sora's trying to get rid of them. The ed's help sora find the gateway and defeat the threats in the way. Second Visit - Ed wants a Monster cotume so Double D makes one but when everyone's not looking jafar puts a spell on it and when Ed put it on he went on a rampage and kidnapped every ki in the cul-de-sac and trap them in his room and stick them to the walls with chewed chunky puffs. Sora has to gt the costume off ed before the darkness in ed takes over his body. In the end the kids stop tormenting the eds......... for know.


  • Eddy
  • Double D (Edd)
  • Ed
  • Nazz
  • Sarah
  • Jimmy
  • Kevin
  • Rolf
  • Jonny
  • Plank
  • Kankers (May, Lee, Mary)

Boss themes

  • Kevin (The Encounter)
  • The Kankers (Rowdy Rumble)
  • Ed - In Monster Costume is Out of Control (Vim & Vigor)

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