Curtis Ames


Home world
ER (1994-2009), #13.5 Ames v. Kovac (2006)
Voiced by
Kevin Michael Richardson

Curtis Ames is a villain in Kingdom Hearts II ½. He is one of the bosses at County General, only appearing during the fourth visit.


After being treated by Luka Kovac, Ames had complications which left him disabled. He unseccessfully sued Luka over this. After losing the court battle, he started stalking Luka and his loved one, Abby Lockhart. Maleficent manipulated him into siding with her and the Heartless. Along with a giant Heartless called Gigantor, Ames kidnapped Luka and fought Sora, Donald and Goofy. Ultimately, they defeated them.

As a Boss

Ames is not a very difficult boss. His moves are slow and easy to read, although he can do serious damage if he gets more than a few pistol hits in. Avoid the Heartless he summons (Donald, Goofy and Luka will take care of them) and hack away.

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