Cutler Beckett


Home world
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006)
Voiced by
Robin Atkin Downes

Lord Cutler Beckett is a villain in Kingdom Hearts II ½.


A greedy, cowardly representative of the East India Trading Company, Beckett vows to rid Port Royal and the surrounding Spanish Main of all pirates. In doing so, he is not shy of resorting to dubious methods such as accepting the help of Nilmax and Xerruy to control Davy Jones to do his bidding. In the end, his heart was taken by the Heartless.


Kingdom Hearts II ½

First visit

Beckett is more of a background character, scheming with Nilmax and Xerruy. In the end, they bring the Dead Man's Chest containing the heart of Davy Jones (mirroring the scene with James Norrington presenting it to him).

Second visit

Beckett has Jones attack pirate ships and anyone else who dares to defy him. However, Sora and the others defeat Jones and the darkness overtakes Beckett.


  • Beckett is one of the few Disney villains in Kingdom Hearts II ½ who is not fought directly as a boss.
  • Robin Atkin Dowes, who voices Beckett, also voiced Organization XIII member Luxord, who appeared in Port Royal in Kingdom Hearts II.

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