Never before seen in jetray103 or Jetray102 but is important to him, Dani Golden as jetray says "The one i will protect until the day i die." thats love for ya. No voice actor because that is her true name look her up on facebook to see jetray likes her so much.

Dani Golden


Home World
Spring Grove
never before seen anywhere else
Voice Actor
Dani Golden
Carthex's D-Link Change
DG keyblade and hair style (but not color)


As the Nobodies, Heartless, and Unversed attack Spring Grove Dani starts to slowly figure out that jetray likes her but he understands that she is already in a relationship. The Heartless seem to attack her more than anyone else in the school because Evan knows that jetray will give in if she's killed.

As D-Links

You forge a Dlink with dani after you beat Spring Grove for th first time the weapon you get is the DG keyblade that has long range and can transform like Terra's keyblade


  • Light Beam - a beam of light goes straight through the enemy thats is curently locked on.
  • Ars Solum - a non-stop combo of ten attacks comes in then three powerful finishes that need reaction commands to be done
  • Giga Light Beam - The keyblade transforms into a giant laser cannon which takes 5 sec.s to charge but inihalates any enemy that goes into its path. (takes up 2 command bars)
  • Group Curaga - All of your freinds health bars go all the way back up top along with yours
  • Loves First Sight - all of the enemies on screen fall in love with you. they come closer to you but dont attack you. but only last for a few seconds
  • Strike Raid - you throw the keyblade like a boomerang and what ever it hits has a chance of being stunned
  • Explosion - Three spheres of light come in and explode. like in Kingdom Hearts 2 but no need for combos to be done.

Finish move - Golden Eruption - you hover up into the sky and 4 circles ofpure gold come in with symbols on them (X, Circle, Sqaure, and Triangle) if you push the buttons at the right time a giant beam of golden light comes out of the ground like a volcano. in the end all 4 come out, start spinning, and combine for a explosive finish

Story in Fate of all Worlds

Dani may not live in Jefferson (jetray103) but comes in for the jefferson carniveln she learns how to wield the keyblade like jetray does. She is also a certain partner in bosses only. you get the DG charm after beating jefferson carnivle for the first time.

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