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Four of the Masters. From left to right: Tormack Dark, Blaid Dark, Shinji Shade and Rex Sheder. Koru Marek is missing from the Picture.

An Order of Keyblade Masters commanded by Blaid Dark as their Overlord/Grand Master/Emperor, he has a number of Apprentices under his and his companions (the other two Dark Keyblade Masters), by the end of Reigning Shadows there Five Dark Keyblade Masters.

List of Known Dark Masters in ranks from which they became Masters

  1. Blaid Dark - Grand Master of Darkness
  2. Toru Marek - Dark Master of Scent
  3. Tormack Dark - Dark Master of Speed
  4. Shinji Shade - Dark Master of Strength
  5. Rex Sheder - Dark Master of Fortitude
  6. Morgana - Dark Master of Magic - successor to Toru and his Keyblade
  1. Yami Dark - Heir to the Empire.



The Uniform

The Basic uniform of the Dark Keyblade Masters is all based off the same shape and principle, their clothing is designed so that it doesn't slow their movement and force their limbs to stall, this is through the use of the baggy clothing which gives more movement for their lower legs while being severly fasined to the ankles. It also comes equiped with Katanas as an emerancy weapon should their Dark Keyblades be unavailable for whatever reason or they want to Duel Wield yet cannot summon two Keyblades.

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