Human form of Darkness Incarnate

Darkness Incarnate is the living incarnation of the Darkness. It is the main antagonist of the Kingdom Hearts fanfics by Evnyofdeath.

Physical Appearance

Being made up of Darkness, the Darkness Incarnate has no actual form, however it can take the appearance of any being in existance. Its prefered form is that of a young man in his 20s with shoulder length silver hair, and red eyes. He wears a purple shirt with over large white sleaves, and black pants.


The Darkness Incarnate's personality can be summed up rather easily.

Its personality is essentially pure insanity.

Being a being of pure Darkness, it would be obvious that is has so much Black Blood within itself that its normal personality would be chaotic.

Blaid comments that Darkness Incarnate gives those with Black Blood a bad name.



Being created from every living being has allowed the Darkness Incarnate to have corrupeted versions of all of their powers, including the ability to weild a Keyblade.

Darkness Incarnate's Keyblade is known as Demonic Angel and is even more powerful than the Z-Blade.

It vaugly resembles Oblivion, however it has a more demonic appearance, and lacks a Keychain.

The major weakness to his Keyblade is that is it is not in actuality a Keyblade considering it lacks a Keychain, therefore the Z-Blade may be weaker however unlike Demonic Angel is has all the attributes and powers of a Keyblade, a Keychain is also needed to stabalise a Keyblade expecially if a Keyblade (e.g. the X-Blade) is incomplete. Demonic Angel seems to be rather unstable therefore as dangerous as an Incomplete X-Blade (as seen when Aqua destroys it).

Demonic Angel later absorbed the Nameless Keyblade taking on the form of Master Xehanort's Keyblade, the Demonic Angel however still remains incomplete, lacking the Keychain which would transform the Demonic Angel into the Perfected Z-Blade.


Similarly with how it is able to weild a Keyblade, Darkness Incarante can use corrupted verssions of the powers of every living being, including, but not limited to:

  • Super Strength
  • Super Speed
  • Super Senses
  • Invulnerabilty
  • Psychic Abilitys

Black Blood

The Darkness Incarnate has the most concitrated Black Blood of any being. In fact, all of its blood is Black Blood. Therefore it seems Darkness Incarnate was able to grow an attachment on Blaid and his family since they are the closest Denezins of Darkness compared to his existance.


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