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Thundara Charm
Final Fantasy III (1990)
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Desh is a summon from Kingdom Hearts II ½.


Desh's charm is found by Sora in the De Vil Mansion.

In Battle

As Desh's summon gem indicates, she uses a lot of Thundara related attacks. Firstly, the power of Sora's Thunder spells is doubled when Desh is active. Desh will attack with her own powerful Thundara spells. A special move called Desh Dash allows Sora and Desh to run across the arena at high speed, striking enemies with electrified melee attacks which cause a lot of damage. Sora can target Desh with his Thunder spells to slow the depletion of the summon gauge, but in turn this will rapidly deplete Sora's HP if done successively.

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