From the famous live show "Destroy Build Destroy" comes that old area where 2 teams duke it out to destroy things to help build there vechicle and in the end the loser gets their vehichle destroyed and the winner get $1,000. The site ends up being attacked by the heartless. and with tons of exploding traps and the power of the keyblade makes this are the place to be for a battle.

1st Visit

(This world's story is based off of the 1st epsode "Air Cannon Assault: Skaters vs. Math Club") When sora enters the area he finds an 2 SUVs about to crush him as he gets out of the way he finds an orange and green team tearing the rest of the reckage up sora is confused and Andrew W.K. comes in to see if sora's OK and he tells him that's it a game show that's going on and he explains the rules. Then while the 2 teams are building their vehichles the heartless come in and sora fights them When the battle is over Sora decides to find the gateway because he thought there was no heartless in this world. Until the Gateway is found he game is stopped until then. They have to fight heartless and destroy garbage to find the gate way but a giant heartless comes in called the Destroyed Garbage Pile. when defeated the gateway happens to be the TNT switch that is used for destroying the vehichles. the game continues and sora leaves to fight more heartless in other worlds.

2nd Visit

Sora comes back thinking that the game is over but it's still on hold because there is another huge heartless running around called the "Air-Bomber" and it came right after sora left and sora will have to fight this new but he hs hidden himself in the feilds. sora runs to the playing feild and finds a swarm of heartless surrounding the Skaters later on another swarm comes but they go after the Math Club so aftr more searching they finally find it and destroy it a member of the -XIII come in named Mexa (#-13) and he takes the heart of the heartless. so andrew WK finishes the contest and sora head of to other worlds


  • Andrew W.K.
  • Skater Team
  • Mth Club Team


  • Destroyed Garbage Pile - Vim & Vgor

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