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Kingdom Hearts (2002)
The Cornerstone of Light
Normal theme
Mickey Mouse March
Battle theme
Hand In Hand

The Disney Castle is a world in Kingdom Hearts II ½ and Kingdom Hearts: Alliance of Light. It has been expanded upon after Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II to include the surrounding town, which was previously featured as a world of its own in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. The town has been updated to resemble Duckburg, the most notable addition being Scrooge McDuck's money vault.


Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep


Kingdom Hearts

The Disney Castle is not visited, but briefly seen in early cutscenes featuring Donald, Goofy and the other castle residents discovering that King Mickey is gone. They find a letter adressed to them, instructing them to go to Traverse Town and find Leon to help them locate a "key" (the Keyblade).

Kingdom Hearts II

After Pete accidentally opens up a time portal to Timeless River, a past version of the Disney Castle, Maleficent attempts to exploit the portal to steal Timeless River's sacred Cornerstone of Light, which prevents her from taking over the present day castle. Stealing the Cornerstone would erase it from existence in the present, allowing Maleficent to take over the Disney Castle. Pete is tasked to steal the Cornerstone of light, but is stopped by Sora, Donald and Goofy, ending the Heartless invasion of the castle.

Kingdom Hearts II ½

First visit This time, Hades attempts to destroy the castle in his scheme to get rid of Sora, Donald and Goofy. He is assisted by Pete. Hades has also brought CJ with him, having found him after the Heartless destroyed his world. CJ initially follows Hades, fighting Sora, but then switches sides on him.

Second visit


Kingdom Hearts: Alliance of Light



Boss themes

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