Donald Duck


Disney Castle
First Appearance:
The Wise Little Hen (animated short, 1932)
Ultima Hearts

Donald Duck is one of the main protagonists in the fan-fiction Ultima Hearts.


When Maleficent forms a new group of villains, King Mickey Mouse tasks Donald and Goofy with helping Sora defeat them. Donald provides magic assistance during battles, being more skilled in magic than Sora. Donald often finds himself mocked for his hard to understand voice, and is the member of the group most likely to get in an incident or have something bad happen to him.


Donald is extremely hot headed and quick to anger, but he does have a softer side, Although he tries to appear tough and serious, Donald is just as enthusiastic about everything as Sora and Goofy are. He believes he is the strongest member in the group and has a bit of overconfidence about his abilities. Even though he is very good at magic, he tends to believe he is the best.

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