Just one of the many powerful Bakugan that came from another demension. This on is specail though. He is one that can actually talk even in his small from. Talking Bakugan are very rare they can comunicate with humans. He sides with a Bakugan Brawler named Dan who wishes to save the Bakugan universe.


404px-Drago Anime

Home World
Bakugan City
Party Member (with Dan)
Boosted Dragon, Charge of Flame
Bakugan Battle Brawlers (2007)
Voiced by
Jason Deline

In Story

He is found in the Dock of shame in Camp Wawanakwa. His summon Item is the Battle Card Ring.

In Battle

When Sora summons Drago he's in his ball form when he pops out the real Drago comes into battle. He's at The Background of the Area and shoots fire-balls and claws the stage. Sometimes Sora can use Battle Cards to let Drago use curten abiilities like Strike Dragon or Pyrus Volting.


406px-Drago Ball

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