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The Dragon is a villain in Kingdom Hearts II ½. It is one of the bosses on the Destiny Islands.


The Dragon's home world was destroyed by the Heartless. Hades summoned it on the Destiny Islands as part of his evil plan.

As a Boss

The Dragon is roughly similar to Maleficent's dragon form in the first Kingdom Hearts, using similar biting combos and fire breath. It can also fly, dive bombing bombing onto the party. If it hits, it will cause massive damage. If it misses, the shockwaves will still deplete quite some HP. Occasionally, it will spin around to swing its tail at the party. This doesn't cause a lot of damage. Occasionally, the dragon will try to pick Sora up in its mouth. The reaction command Block will cause Sora to hold its jaws apart with his hands and feet. This is followed by Escape - Sora leaps out of the Dragon's jaws before they snap shut. If it is incorrectly timed, the Dragon's jaws will snap shut on Sora, causing massive damage.

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