In the toal drama series there was one character who always got so close to winning and one time won and his name is Duncan who was in juvanile detention for unkown reasons but escaped and became a contestant in the Total Drama series. He was in 4th place for the $100,000. now he's a summon in kingdom hearts universe 2. Using the Juvanile Charm for Duncan to come and assist Sora.


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Home World
Camp Wawanakua
Ally, Summon
Juvanile Charm
Total Drama Island(2008)

Total Drama Action(2009)

Total Drama Wotrld Tour(2010)
Vocied by
Drew Nelson

In Story

After Duncan came to watch the Gwen vs. Owen special along with the other eliminated contestants. He saw the heartless and became suspies. He also helped Sora fight the heartless version of Heather but he was a HP less partner like King Mickey and Hercules were. Trent and Leshana were also reaction commands as well.

In Battle

when duncan is summoned he's able to battle with sora like in the heather fight but he has a limit were sora and duncan jack a police car and drive over any enemies in front of them like the Pete D-link in birth by sleep. if they car leaves that area it keeps going until either the player presses the jump button to escape or when the drive is empty. also in that state the drice goes dwon twice as fast.

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