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Ally, Party Member
Predator (1987)
Voiced by
Josh Robert Thompson

Dutch is one of the many characters encountered by Sora on his journeys in Kingdom Hearts II ½.


A tough mercenary, Dutch was sent to rescue a cabinet minister who had been taken hostage. With his entire team wiped out by the Predator and the Heartless, he is forced to team up with Sora, Donald, Goofy and Anna. Initially he doesn't take Sora, Donald and Goofy very seriously, but he eventually grows to respect them as they battle giant Heartless and the Predator together.

In Battle

Dutch is slow but has a good defense and very high attack power. He attacks with powerful punch combos and has two long range attacks: Knife Throw, which is not very powerful but highly accurate, and Minigun Rain, which is very powerful but has a much lower accuracy. His limit, Dutch Treat, has Dutch fight alongside Sora with sweeping knife combos, causing a lot of damage to any nearby enemies. The finish, Stick Around, has Dutch and Sora simultaneously toss their weapons (the Keyblade and a knife blade) at an enemy, doing massive damage. This finishing move is quite similar to Sora's Sonic Blade attack from the first Kingdom Hearts.


  • Josh Robert Thompson, who replaces Arnold Schwarzenegger as the voice of Dutch, is known for his uncanny Schwarzenegger imitations. He appeared in various Howard Stern shows where guests were pranked with phone calls from "Governor Schwarzenegger", which was actually Thompson. He also provided the Schwarzenegger voice in Double Brutal, the second album of the Schwarzenegger tribute/parody metalcore band Austrian Death Machine.

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