The star in a 2 hour show which featured 4 different shows but alwasy changes like every month. Erin is a girl who goes to underwater ship where aliens live she for some reason brings DVDs with her which is how the show gets to the next show. Erin is one of the Forgotten Cartoon Network Characters that did surve a great perpose.



Home world
Summon Item
DVD Charm
Miguzi (2004)
Voiced by

In Story

Sora finds Erin in the Forgotten Shop in the CN Realm. Her Charm is the DVD Charm.

In Battle

When Erin arrives the stting goes underwater making the enemies get continully get damage until it hits 1HP on the down side your partners do too. Also the Gravity Lowers as well. The other Aliens start to raid the enemies (well the ones that can breathe underwater) in the end the alien that sends Erin to the ship will allow Sora and Erin come in and the pod and the alien will crash into the remanding heartless.

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