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Summon item
Syldra Charm
Final Fantasy V (1992)
Voiced by
Shanelle Gray

Faris Scherwiz is a summon in Kingdom Hearts II ½.


Faris becomes available as a summon after her charm is located in Hadley's Hope.

In Battle

Faris is an excellent swordfighter - fast and agile, akin to Sephiroth but with less reach. Her main co-op attack with Sora is Twin Slash, in which Faris's sword is tossed at an enemy along with the Keyblade, causing double damage akin to Sonic Blade. The finishing move, Pirate Slash, has Sora and Faris fash all over the arena like Sephiroth, doing massive damage with repeated slashes, ending with an explosion which depletes a lot of enemy HP but also much of the Summon bar and Sora's MP.

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