Game Planet


Predators (2010)
Alien skull
Normal theme
The Hunter
Battle theme
Rumble in the Jungle

Game Planet is a world in Kingdom Hearts II ½.




Boss themes

  • Mr. Black - The Encounter


  • This world is unlocked by completing Concrete Jungle.
  • Along with Traverse Town, Game Planet is the only world with no native characters.
  • In Predators, Mr. Black and the other Super Predators used vicious alien creatures as hunting dogs. In Kingdom Hearts II ½, they are replaced by Rabid Dog Heartless.


Sora: Those Nobodies are here looking for hearts.
Royce: Well, they ain't getting mine...

(Royce leaves)
Sora: You need our help!
Royce: No, I don't.
(Royce comes back, chased by Heartless and Nobodies)
Royce: Okay, you made your point.

(discussing if Royce can leave the world on the gummi ship)
Donald: No, he can't come!
Royce (aims gun): Let's see about that...

Xerruy: Well, Nilmax, it looks like we've got ourselves another one of those hunters.
Nilmax: And this one's using the Heartless!
Xerruy: Yes, he's much more powerful than the one in Gunnison. If he's using the Heartless, he must be sentient. Only the sentient carry darkness in their hearts.
Nilmax: So, what do we do?
Xerruy: What do you think, you moron?
Nilmax: Huh?
Xerruy: Turn him into a Heartless, you idiot!

Royce (to Nilmax and Xerruy) Either help us, or buzz off.
(aims gun) Don't make me buzz you off.
Nilmax: Ooh, scary...

Royce (on Nilmax and Xerruy): These idiots are endangering the universe?

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