George of the Jungle


Home world
Summon item
Dented Bark
George of the Jungle (1997)
Voiced by
Tony Goldwyn

George of the Jungle is a summon in Kingdom Hearts II ½.


Sora unlocks George as a summon after locating his charm on Isla Sorna.

In Battle

George´s attacks are not necessarily attacks, as he generally inflicts damage upön enemies through sheer clumsiness. Enemies will trip when running into him, and he often gets in the way of enemy projectile attacks, catching the projectile, comically hurting his hands on it and then accidentally throwing it at another enemy. Occasionally, he´ll do the classic Tarzan yell, which hurts enemies' ears and inflicts minor damage, after which the enemies will try to attack George. When he evades an attack by multiple enemies, the enemies will collide, suffering major damage as they are struck by each other's attacks.


  • George is voiced by Tony Goldwyn, who also voices Tarzan of which George is a spoof.

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