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Gluxp is a villain in Kingdom Hearts II ½. He is the Nobody of Gulp, Ripto's minion who was turned into a Heartless.


After Gulp became a Heartless, Gluxp was born from the empty shell of his heartless body. Due to Gulp being quite dumb, Gluxp was not very useful to Organization XIII and handed over to Nilmax and Xerruy. They summoned him in Twilight Town to defeat Xsarc, but their plan backfired as Gluxp didn't understand that Xsarc was the enemy. When Sora, Donald and Goofy attacked them, they sent Gluxp at them for defense. After Gluxp was defeated, Nilmax and Xerruy explained the situation to Sora and his friends, asking them for help.

As a Boss



  • Along with the Twilight Thorn, Xolgic, Xsarc and Nilmax and Xerruy, Gluxp is the only boss level Nobody not in Organization XIII.
  • Along with Xsarc, Gluxp is the only known Nobody born from an animal character.

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