Gnasty Gnorc


Home world
Spyro the Dragon (1998)
Voiced by
Drew Markham

Gnasty Gnorc is a villain in Kingdom Hearts II ½.


A short-tempered Gnorc, Gnasty Gnorc apparently took over Dragon Shores after overhearing a remark that he was ugly. The darkness in his heart attracted the Heartless, which he controlled with Pete's help. He was defeated by Sora, Donald, Goofy and Spyro.

As a Boss

Gnasty Gnorc is quite durable, but also very slow. His most dangerous attack is a blast combo with his laser. It can be reflected to stun him, but will eat away a lot of Sora's HP if it hits. Charged shots cannot be relected, but due to the charge are easy to anticipate and dodge. If Sora approaches too close, Gnasty Gnorc will dash forward to ram into him, much like a Large Body Heartless. Also, he'll leap into the air to cause powerful shockwaves. He also attacks with a huge club which can do serious damage in successive succesful strikes. Gnasty Gnorc will sometimes slam the club on the ground to send narrow, blast-like shockwaves in Sora's direction. These can be evaded but not blocked.

Battle Quotes

  • "I'll teach you!"
  • "Nobody messes with Gnasty Gnorc!"
  • "Big mistake!"
  • "Get out!"
  • "Away with you!"
  • "No fair!" (defeat)

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