Disney Castle
First Appearance:
Mickey's Revue (animated short, 1932)
Ultima Hearts

Goofy is one of the main protagonists in Ultima Hearts, fighting alongside Sora and Donald Duck.


Goofy gladly accepted King Mickey's request that he join Sora and Donald in a new quest to defeat Maleficent's council of villains. Goofy has traveled to new worlds with them, acting not only as a bit of comic relief, but also the voice of reason. Originally the captain of Mickey's royal guard, Goofy detested weapons, preferring the defensive capabilities of a shield. But still, he uses the shield to fight for peace and his friends.


Goofy is very laid-back and easygoing, laughing and smiling about almost everything. Though he may seem a bit slow, Goofy is actually very smart, maybe the smartest out of the trio of heroes. He can analyze situations really quickly and act as a voice of reason when Sora and Donald are about to act foolish. He prefers peace over fighting, but will fight hen he has to.

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