Grandfather is the main foe in the movie KND: codename Z.E.R.O. and in the world Sector V in kingdom hearts: universe 2.

Grand Father


Home World
Sector V
Main Antagonist
KND: codename Z.E.R.O.
Voiced by
Neil Ross


After being Recomitioned by Father. Grandfather works with Maleficent and betraying his son father. Grandfather wants to get rid of the book of KND, the KND, and anyone who's ever been a kid. Which meens he double crossed the other villians(but not Maleficent) and turned them into Senior Citizombies and builds an army full of Senior Citizombies and Heartless to rule the world. He starts by turning every KND Tree-House into Tapioca Factories (yeah i know but i didn't make the story) He Has the power turn poeple into Citizombies and objects into older versions of that object with his hands. His minions can do the same thing. He is also the father of Father so that probably means that he can shoot fire.

Boss Abilities

He mostly will stay in the same spot but that he's a push over. He can Grab Sora and when he does, Sora's HP Slowly goes down but he can't be defeated with that attack, the farthest he can go is to a one hit mark. he is also able to push sora away with a wind attack. A reaction command can be pulled off in this boss sora grabs grandfathers hands and you have to push grandfather away.(kind of lie that reaction command in kh2 with the Sahn-Yu boss) Grandfather can also pull of fire attacks like the Fire-punch, Fire-breath, flame-thrower, and he can also set the entire stage on fire. when his HP is low he sends some Senior Citizombies to attack sora.

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